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Electric Water Heater Services in Modesto, CA

Electric water heaters are one of the most popular heating options for both homeowners and business owners in Modesto, CA. These electric-powered units provide immediate access to heated water minus the need for natural gas lines. As long as you have electricity, you’ll enjoy a steady stream of hot water.

Get hot water from your faucets without lifting a finger with the Modesto Water Heater Pros. Our team of certified and licensed technicians will do the installation or replacement for you. We also possess experience in electric water heater repairs and maintenance. If you need help with selecting your new electric water heater, our pros can also narrow down your selection.

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Electric Water Heater Repair & Installation

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Enjoy The Benefits of Electric Water Heaters!

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When it comes to upfront prices, electric water heaters are your most affordable option. Gas water heaters require a new ventilation system and additional piping to vent the exhaust from the combustion. On the other hand, electric models don’t need more infrastructure, so you benefit from a quicker and easier installation process.

Your home may need an electrical upgrade before you install an electric heater, which could make the installation process more costly. But these upgrades are uncommon, so you won’t have to worry.

Energy-efficient water heater in Modesto, CA


One of the best ways to compare the efficiency of different water heaters is to check their energy factors (EF). The EF evaluates a unit’s effectiveness at producing hot water. It also measures the amount of electricity and fuel required to heat your water.

In terms of EF, electric water heaters are more efficient. Typically, these units have an EF number higher than 0.9, which is higher than the conventional gas heater’s 0.5 to 0.7 rating.

Water heater explosion risk


Both electric and gas water heaters can be safely used at home or for your business. But any appliance that runs on gasoline is susceptible to gas leaks. Regular inspections and maintenance prevent these problems, but you’ll have more peace with an electric water heater.

While electric units have safety concerns too, the chance of gas leaks happening is higher than any electrical safety issue.

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Consider This Before Installing An Electric Water Heater

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If your electricity goes out due to a storm or any unprecedented event, you won’t have access to heated water. Gas water heaters, on the other hand, can still function during a power outage. If this is going to be the main driver behind your decision, make sure that your gas-powered unit won’t require electricity to operate.

Even if your unit doesn’t use electricity, some gas water heaters still use an electrical ignition instead of the pilot light.

Rheem Water Heater with Energy Guide in Modesto


Electric water heaters take more time to heat up the water compared to gas-powered units. This is because the combustion process of gas water heaters generates heat faster than electric heating. Gas water heaters also have a higher recovery rate, which refers to the amount of water it can heat to a set temperature within a given time.

So, if you have a large household or commercial establishment, you might be better off with a gas water heater.

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Even though electric-powered units are more efficient than their gas counterparts, you might spend less money in the long run if you choose a gas unit. The fuel source seals the deal. Natural gas is more affordable than electricity.

Since the cost of electricity and gas varies by region, it’s best to compare the costs first before you decide on the fuel source of your unit.

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How Electric Water Heaters Work

The Basics of Electric Water Heaters

Essentially, electric water heaters work in the same way as their gas-powered counterparts. These units direct cold water through a dip tube and heat it up with the tank’s heating elements. The heated water rises in the tank and moves through the house or commercial establishment through the pipes.

Electric water heaters also have a thermostat, a drain valve, and a temperature and pressure relief valve. Most tank electric units are insulated and come with an anode rod. Electric water heaters set themselves apart from their gas counterparts by their electric heating elements and the fact that they are plugged into a power supply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Water Heater Service Questions We Hear

I need a new water heater. What are the major factors I should consider before buying?

The decision to go electric or gas is one that should be made based on your needs. One factor you’ll want consider when choosing between a water heater, which uses either fuel source, are storage capacity and type of hot-water use – do you need only 30 gallons per day? Or would an 80 gallon unit work better for larger families with multiple people using the same shower at different times throughout each day!

When is it time to replace my water heater?

There are some telltale signs that your water heater needs to be replaced. You could notice poor quality or no hot showers, and if it’s been a while since you checked for leaks around the tank then now is definitely due! Also, major leaks from your water heater tank is a high indicator of a necessary replacement. Water heater over 8 years old? It may be time to speak with one of our plumbing technicians to discuss your best options

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